The obvious solution (Katie Sokoler/Gothamist)

When you live in a landmarked neighborhood, everything you do is up for review. Especially when you want a pool in your backyard. That's what millionaire Ragip Ersin Akarlilar is learning as his neighbors on West 83rd Street are mobilizing to block his water dreams.

According to the Post, Arkarlilar, who owns the denim line Mavi, "plans to turn the yard of his $4.3 million West 83rd Street town house into an urban oasis for his three kids." But his neighbor Jonathan Stuart says, "They are trying to pack too much into a little building and are going to ruin what exists. These people are flamboyant billionaires, and they have no concern about the neighborhood."

One issue is the fact that Arkarlilar's plans involve a three-story steel deck, which neighbors thinks will ruin their views (and don't get them started on the construction or noise of kids frolicking in water). Their contention is that the backyards were also landmarked when the buildings' exteriors were landmarked. Stuart's have another beef: An apricot tree that his yard shares with Arkarlilar's will be gone if the pool plan goes through.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission will vote on the plans tomorrow; some of its members seem supportive of the pool if the deck is not as large. But we still want to suggest a Dumpster pool instead.