2006_04_buffy.jpgCalling Buffy Summers! The Post claims there's a wannbe bloodsucker attacking her fellow students at Hillcrest High School. Three girls are suing the school for "failing to prevent" the incidents caused by a 15 year-old. One of the victims, Michelle Melendez, told the Post she was bitten on the neck and face, as well as slashed with a can:

"She was trying to get my jugular vein. I couldn't even believe it was going on," she said, adding her attacker dragged her down to the ground. "There was blood flowing all over my face. My skin was in her mouth, and she wouldn't let go," Melendez said. "She just bites like crazy - she eats your flesh. For some reason, she just likes to bite."

Some Goth girls just take things too far! Melendez is so distraught about the attacks - and being scarred - that she has nightmares, doesn't like to be alone, and cancelled her Sweet 16. Police did arrest the attacker, whom the lawsuit calls "Vampira," but the school will not comment about the attacks.