The Queens woman who admitted to killing her husband was found not guilty of second-degree murder by a jury today. Barbara Sheehan, 50, had argued that she shot her husband Raymond in self-defense, fearing for her life after 17 years of abuse.

The jury had been "hopelessly deadlocked" after two days, but the judge ordered them back to deliberations. Judge Barry Kron instructed them, "Based on the volume of testimony, it seems like you’ve deliberated a long time. But it isn’t. Take a deep breath and take your time. Narrow down areas of disagreement and decide based on testimony who’s being truthful, who’s being accurate. I will now ask you to go back and continue to deliberate."

The Queens DA's office had argued that even though Sheehan was abused, that was no excuse to take her husband's life, with prosecutors pointing out that she got money from two insurance policies and wondering why Sheehan never called 911. However, it seems that jurors accepted the self-defense theory, with her lawyer noting that Sheehan's husband, a former cop, told her going to the authorities would never help, "She was living in a combat battle zone. She had a gun pointed to her head numerous times. She believed her husband was going to kill her." The couple's two children also backed up their mother's claims of unrelenting abuse.

Sheehan was found guilty of criminal possession of a weapon.