2005_08_finger.jpgWhat is it about traffic stops lately? Yesterday, when the police stopped a car in a Brooklyn, the driver bit off one officer's finger while trying to run away. Bit the tip of the officer's left ring finger clear off! The injured cop still held onto David O'Brien as his partner arrested O'Brien; the partner also picked up the finger tip, which is heartwarming to think about what partners do for each other. Doctors at Bellevue were working to reattach the finger, and charges including assault were brought against O'Brien.

And in another biting incident, an HIV-positive man in police custody admitted to trying to kill police detectives by spiting blood and biting them. The NY Times says that Robert Murray, who pleaded guilty to second degree murder, has even tried to attack his own lawyers; his current lawyer calls Murray crazy and blames the "breakdown by the mental health system" for letting him be on the streets in the first place.