Former Mayor Ed Koch, who has been in the hospital for the second time this month, has been moved to the intensive care unit. His spokesman George Arzt said, "This afternoon former Mayor Ed Koch was placed in the intensive care unit at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Mayor Koch's cardiologist and lead doctor, said he wanted to monitor the former mayor more closely."

Koch has been in the hospital since Monday. Before that, he was in the hospital from January 19 until January 26 and "had 16 pounds of fluid removed from his body." After that stay, his doctors had advised him to limit his salt intake.

Yesterday, the AP reported that Arzt said that Koch was improving, "but doesn't know when he'll be leaving the hospital... Spokesman George Arzt says doctors on Tuesday continued to try to reduce the fluid. He says Koch also is showing an iron deficiency."

Koch was hospitalized in December for a respiratory infection and in September for anemia.