aceline.jpgSubway riders from Inwood to the Rockaways should steel themselves, because those delays they experienced yesterday were planned and should continue for the next five weekends. The A and C lines are undergoing track work to replace 70-year-old rails.

Over the long term this should result in smoother rides and safer service. But over the short term expect no C trains between Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn's Euclid Ave. on Saturdays and Sundays. The A train will run local until mid-May, but not at all between Utica Ave. and Jay St. in Brooklyn. WNBC reports that shuttle buses will be provided as an alternative to the A and C in some locations.

The MTA discloses all here. While you're waiting for the next train, listen the MTA podcast describing the root of your troubles that is downloadable here.

(Photo from wallyg's flickr photostream)