In what's surely not a dark, graphic omen for our struggling mass transit system, a hungry raven was recently caught on video plucking the beating heart from a pigeon on the platform of the Kings Highway station. It probably doesn't mean anything! Everything is FINE.

Warning: This video is not for the squeamish.

The video was sent to us by a tipster earlier this afternoon, hours after an A train derailment at 125th Street sent some panicked riders scrambling into the tunnels. But it would be foolish to connect these things. One is the very real experience of New Yorkers dealing with a mismanaged and underfunded subway system. The other is just the food chain, with some very good commentary.

"New York City, it's either eat or get eaten," a disembodied voice says, as the video pans to another pigeon standing above the tracks. "He just ate his homey, damn."

The raven then removes what appears to be the gizzard, as the dying pigeon (which, again, is definitely not a symbol for our cratering subway system) flaps its wings for the final time. "Yo, this dude ate his whole stomach out," the unidentified bystander observes.

A train is heard arriving in the station, and the mythological symbol foretelling doom raven yanks out the dying bird's heart and flies away. "Oh sh*t," the man concludes.

Oh sh*t, indeed.