2006_04_samwater.jpgOh, to be a district attorney in NYC! Yesterday, at a rally outside Criminal Court, Sam Waterston voiced his support to get more funding for city DA's. He said, "The real DAs and ADAs deserve a lot of credit and not just for providing us the stories that keep us on the air," according to the Post. Yeah, we remember the episodes where the rich defendants or high profile defense attorneys belittle Jack McCoy's paltry executive assistant DA's salary - that's always a low blow. Anyway, it's smart to have Sam Waterston on your side, as it always seems like he's going to give you the best advice possible - that's probably why TD Waterhouse has now turned him into their spokesman. TD Waterhouse's ad agency says, "We decided he is a valuable, credible spokesman for the idea of independence. In his role on 'Law & Order,' he is the voice of critical, independent thinking." Waterston plays lawyers and dads really well - remember him as D.A Forrest Bedford in I'll Fly Away, the great NBC drama he was on before Law & Order?

Our autographed picture of Sam Waterston