A nun at the St. Irene's Church and Monastery in Astoria, home of the miraculous weeping icon, recently turned over $260,000 and 100 gold coins to the cops after finding them in a bag. Sister Christonymphi Fitzpatrick was asked to safeguard the bag left by abbot Metropolitan Paisios Loulourgas when he traveled to Greece, but became suspicious and opened it. She turned it over to the police after finding the cash inside. But according to the parishioners, it's not as sketchy as it looks! When asked what they thought the money would be used for, one told the Post, "It's to build the monastery. That's what we believe." Most construction companies accept only doubloons these days.

That parishioner was apparently unaware that Loulourgas has now resigned, citing health issues. Police don't suspect criminality in the case, but the Greek Orthodox Church has launched its own probe into the church. Still, parishioners are standing by their former abbot. "He's extremely intelligent. It's like listening to God," said one. Loulourgas's chambers have been sealed, and he is currently talking to officials in Greece.