If you're riding a bike down Nostrand Avenue through Bed-Stuy, the first thing that comes to mind might rhyme with, Why haven't they repaved this goddamn road already this is dangerous and stupid. Your second thought might be, Crappy. This road has been crappy since The Avengers came out. That movie was crappy and so is this road and when are they going to repave Nostrand Avenue?! According to the DDC, Nostrand between Flushing and Dekalb will be resurfaced "by the end of the year." However, Nostrand from Dekalb to Altantic Avenue will be resurfaced "by fall 2014." There will be two more Avengers movies by then (probably)!

The Nostrand Avenue project [PDF] is a $23 million overhaul that has been in progress since the spring of 2012. A DDC spokesman passed us this statement explaining the apparent snail's pace:

This is not just a repaving project—it is a complete reconstruction of Nostrand Avenue from Flushing to Atlantic Avenues. This work includes the installation of a new concrete road bed; new below-grade infrastructure, such as water and sewer mains; new traffic and street lights; and new Select Bus Service lanes and stations. We have finished installing the new concrete road bed and laid down temporary asphalt as we complete the other elements of the project.  Weather permitting, we expect to install a new, permanent roadway surface between Flushing and Dekalb Avenues by the end of the year. We will complete work between Dekalb and Atlantic Avenues by fall 2014.

Nostrand from Atlantic Avenue to Eastern Parkway was repaved last month. In the meantime, don't let your third thought traveling down Nostrand be, I guess I'll just bike on the sidewalk. We're told the NYPD has been ticketing folks who do so.