Yesterday's storm brought flooding, closed roadways, delayed mass transit, difficult drives, soaked clothing, upended umbrellas and 7.46 inches of rain to Central Park. There were winds of 48 MPH at Kennedy Airport, as hundreds of flights in the area airports were canceled. And some environmentalists noted the irony of Saturday's Sea of People demonstration while the mayor was issuing emergency flood warnings for downtown Manhattan.

Con Edison reported about city 1,700 households were without power. WCBS880 has a podcast (MP3 here) of Con Ed discussing what it will do during the storm. While some parts of the city were flooded and there are some subway issues related to the weather (not to mention LIRR and Metro-North), NJ has it worse - Acting Governor Richard Codey called a state of emergency for today.


One Upper West Sider told the Daily News, "It's supposed to be April. If it was nice, I'd be out in the park. But today I'm pretty much moping around." Hmm, what's the phrase about April, "In like a lion, out like a lamb?" Mother Nature, we need some baa-baa type weather, please. reader sangyulbae quickly reminded us that March is the "in like a lion, out like a lamb month" and April is about "showers bringing May flowers." Well, these were showers, all right. And Metro reports that the National Weather Service says storms like yesterday's happen roughly every decade or so.

The city urged residents to stay in yesterday, especially ones in low lying, coastal areas - did you heed the warnings? If anything, we were reminded that we still need to put together our Go bag.

Top photograph by edEx on Flickr; lower photograph by Ryan Brenizer at the Williams Bridge stop - the MTA forced Metro-North riders to get off without compensation