It's Friday night. It's colder than hell. Temperatures in the single digits. You are going out to a show where there's bound to be a lot of dancing, or at least jumping up and down. Do you dress for the weather outside or the activity inside? Gothamist is a nerdy weather guy, so you can guess how we dress.

The weather is getting interesting. By interesting Gothamist means "we may get a snowstorm." The little storm that gave us our snow yesterday is now out to sea. As a parting shot the circulation of air around that storm is helping to pull another blob of Arctic air our way. This blast of cold air, and cold air always arrives in blasts, is colder and meaner than the blast earlier in the week. Tomorrow's maximum temperature will only be in the teens and the wind chill will chill.

But, the cold is probably the lesser weather story. The atmosphere is setting itself up for a big time snowstorm on Sunday. A low pressure system currently over Montana is going to slash its way southeastward until it is over the Atlantic on Sunday night. Accompanied by an upper-level disturbance, X marks the spot on the geeky map above (entire map), this storm is going to suck up moisture from the warm Gulf Stream. That moisture is going to circulate counterclockwise and be spat out in the form of snow over the northeast. A classic nor'easter? Perhaps. As Capital Weather points out AccuWeather is calling it a major winter storm, while the Weather Service thinks the storm will result in moderate snowfall. In either case this storm bears watching.