A large noose, and graffiti quoting Adolf Hitler, were found in Fort Greene Park a week apart from each other, according to multiple reports.

A Parks Department employee told A Walk In The Park that the noose, which was about 10-feet long, was found at around noon on Monday tied to a tree near the park's tennis courts.

In addition, the Park Department employee told the site that a week before the noose appeared, park workers found graffiti of a Hitler quote and the phrase "they should have gotten rid of you when they had the chance" painted on a stump 20 feet from where the noose was found.

“I felt uncomfortable seeing that hanging there. Back in the day they used to hang innocent people, people of color,” the park employee told the site.

According to A Walk In The Park, the NYPD is investigating the incidents as aggravated harassment. The Daily News, meanwhile, reports that the case is being investigated as a possible hate crime. An NYPD spokesman told Gothamist he had no record of open cases regarding the noose or the anti-Semitic graffiti.