We've put up with service cuts. We've put up with fare hikes. We've put up with the knowledge that sometimes there won't be station agents looking out for us late at night, and that on the weekends we most likely won't be able to get anywhere. But in the latest attempt to raise cash for the perpetually poor MTA, the LIRR and Metro-North will be jacking up the prices of beer, wine and liquor by a quarter starting in 2011. Water prices will be going up too, but who can worry about that at a time like this?

Both rails are expecting to raise $150,000 on top of the $500,000 the LIRR profits and the $1.5 million Metro-North profits on annual liquor sales. And while one Grand Central vendor said they should be raising prices "with the economic situation people are in," a commuter told the Daily News that she wouldn't let a measly quarter come between her and her one moment of peace after that slog of a workday: "I'm not happy about it but will still pay it because I love being able to get a glass before getting on the train." A "glass," eh? Obviously a Metro-North rider.