It's been almost a week since the bound corpse of cleaning woman Eridania Rodriguez was found in an air duct at the Rector Street building where she worked, and almost two weeks since the mother of three first disappeared. And though cops have been tailing the building's freight elevator operator, Joseph Pabon of Staten Island, investigators still don't have enough to actually arrest him. This despite the fact that Pabon left early from work the night Rodriguez disappeared and had scratches on his neck, hands and arms, plus bruises on his biceps and the inside of his elbows that looked like fingerprints. Oh, and a hand-shaped bruise on his waist! Last night investigators got a warrant to bring Pabon in for additional fingerprinting, and then they let him go. A DNA test was conducted on Rodriguez, but if the results are in they haven't yet been leaked to the press. Pabon's lawyer tells the Daily News, "My sources say they are having a very difficult time trying to tie him to this crime." Meanwhile, cops and reporters continue to monitor Pabon's every move; last night he went to Popeye's at 9 p.m., in case you were wondering.