We were intrigued by the deconstruction of the word "blight" in today's New York Times. You've heard the story already, no doubt: Last week, a state environmental impact statement called the area proposed for the Atlantic Yards redevelopment project blighted.

There's no legal definiton, writes Nick Confessore, but, like porn, you know it when you see it. Confessore quotes a land-use lawyer who explains that blight equals high crime plus dilapidated buildings, pollution and inadequate land usage.

And yet, along Dean Street this afternoon from Flatbush to Carlton Aves., we didn't find any evidence of crime, dilapidated buildings, excess pollution or inappropriate land use.

What we did see was a two-on-one basketball game, a water fight, one postal worker, two UPS workers, someone sweeping his stoop and at least four trucks delivering glass, some pipes (we think) and sheet rock for a number of construction projects.


In other words, not much blight.