How many killers have been using the brush by Gilgo Beach as a dumping ground? That is the question! At first folks assumed it was just one killer using the area until last May, when the Suffolk County DA and Police Commissioner came out together to say the bodies were the work of at least least two killers. Then Commissioner Richard Dormer, who retires at the end of the month, came out in November to say that actually there is just one killer. And now DA Thomas Spota is publicly calling BS on that, testifying at a county legislative hearing that he "very, very much disagree with that theory."

"The commissioner and I went through this in May," Spota said, before explaining that as far as he knows there really isn't enough evidence to support a single-killer theory. Especially considering that just five of the 11 bodies discovered have been identified (though Police strongly suspect the latest one found is the body of sex worker Shannan Gilbert). "We don't even know who these people are," he said regarding Dormer's statements that all of the victims worked in the sex trade.

Newsday reports Spota also said, "that some of Dormer's own homicide detectives disagreed privately with the commissioner's single-killer pronouncement."

Dormer, for his part, maintains his single-killer theory. He argues that it makes sense even though the bodies were disposed of, and in the case of the lone male found killed, in very different ways: "It looks like the killer may have evolved, it's not unusual with killers to change the way they dispose of bodies."

Really though, we'd much prefer they, y'know, catch one of them? Anyway, however many there are, this particular argument won't be going on for much longer. Yesterday County Executive-elect Steve Bellone named veteran police official Edward Webber as interim commissioner, effective January 1, 2012.