Turn that Monday morning frown upside down with this heartwarming story of Staten Island firefighters springing into action to save a group of ducklings who got trapped in a sewer yesterday. The undeniably newsworthy incident occurred yesterday in Rossville, just outside Bloomingdale Park, where a dog walker spotted a duck "frantically quacking and flapping its wings" near a storm drain. Down in the drain, a "family of ducks" was spotted paddling in the water, naked and afraid.

Bystanders gathered, and after calls to 911 and 311 proved fruitless, area duck-lover Karen Williams marched over to a nearby firehouse, and stalwart members of Ladder 84 sprang into action. Here's video of the most adorable rescue effort ever:

"They went off happily with their mother," another bystander told the Staten Island Advance. "I think it was a great thing...the community and everyone coming together to rescue the little babies. It's a great Mother's Day story."

Later that day, another duckling was rescued from the storm drain, which appears to be a bottomless font of feel-good human interest stories. Staten Island sewer system insiders expect baby alligators for Father's Day.