With the World Series set for a Yankees-Phillies showdown, Mets fans really caught in between a rock and a hard place. Do they root for their bitter division rival or their hated crosstown rival? Decisions! As Jon Stewart said last night, "I hate the Yankees and the Phillies...I'm a Mets fan. So, for me, [Sunday night] was like watching your wife f--- the Yankees and the Phillies!"

Daily News deputy sports editor Bill Price writes, "After much deliberation, I have to say, (gulp), 'Go Yankees!'...Phillies fans are obnoxious. If their team ever wins back-to-back titles, New Yorkers (Mets and Yankees fans) will never hear the end of it. It's bad enough they have beaten out the Mets in the NL East the last three years, but could you imagine the talk coming from cheese steak land if they ever beat the mighty Yankees in the World Series?"

Steve Greco, of Smithtown, tells Newsday, "I will root for the Phillies. I don't like them, but I hate the Yankees more. Plus I am a National League fan. I have never set foot in Yankee Stadium, old or new, and I plan to keep it that way. This comes from being outnumbered by Yankee fans during my teen years and taking their verbal abuse during the Mets’ tough years.”

Eli Vargas, Modell's employee and Mets fan, who sold tons of Yankees gear yesterday, revealed that he was having a "real tough time right now," to the NY Times: "They tell me the longer I wait, the sweeter it’s going to be. But I was 3 years old in 1986, so I don’t really remember. I want to know what it feels like to win."