2005_11_17_cirque.jpgSo you are the Related Companies. You have a nice plot o' land over on 42nd and 10th, the former sites of the 286-seat Houseman and 199-seat Fairbanks theaters. Thanks to some goverment tricks, if you build some nice theaters on the site you can also build an extra-tall tower to boot. So, What do you do?

Well, if you're anything like the real Related Companies, first you'd make a deal to build a classical music center that would have been affiliated with the Orchestra of St. Luke's. Then, bored with that idea, you'd instead try to pull a switcheroo and go with the House of Blues instead. Then, when that doesn't go so well with the neighbors (especially with those crazy artists over in Manhattan Plaza), you try instead for a "classy 1,800-seat" Cirque du Soleil permanent theater (we mentioned it here).

Only problem? Cirque du Soleil is, clowns or no, a circus and the neighbors want them some "legitimate theatre." Which means for the moment, unless Related wants to give up on its ginormous tower 60-story tower, Cirque ain't getting a home in midtown.

We'd love a Cirque in the city, but in this case we have to side with the community. Keep the legitimate the-a-ter on Theater Row. Anyone care to agree or disagree?