Rocky (poor Rocky) was rescued this week. (Photo courtesy of the HSUS)

Earlier this week we posted some heartwarming photos of pets that were rescued by the Humane Society of the U.S. from flooded homes on Staten Island following Hurricane Sandy. Naturally, people are suspicious of all things good, so a rumor sparked that some of the animals rescued and housed at Wagner High School would be euthanized. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Patrick Kwan at the HSUS tells us, "The animals at Susan Wagner High School belong to the evacuees there—absolutely no lost/stray/found animals are housed there or at any other emergency evacuation shelters. The most awful thing is the rumor has reached some of the Susan Wagner High School evacuees and these people who have been through so much and unimaginable pain are put in the position of thinking their animals are getting killed."

He added that: "The NYC Office of Emergency Management Animal Planning Task Force, of which we are a member organization along with the ASPCA, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Animal Care & Control of NYC, and many others are working to reassure the evacuees and correct the information out there."

We've asked Kwan for more details on what will happen to unclaimed animals, and will update when we hear back.