2008_03_pradaofc.jpgIf you work in Prada's offices, it makes sense that the brand's clean aesthetic seen in the stores has to follow through at the cubicle level...right?

Page Six got an e-mail (a "Prada House Rules for the Office"), allegedly sent from Prada head Miuccia Prada, detailing office style and lunchtime eating behavior:

"Desk and work surfaces should be clean and uncluttered. Pictures, calendars, etc. should not be taped to cubicle/office walls. Pets may not be brought to the corporate office or the store. For corporate employees, all coats should be hung in the appropriate coatroom and not kept in offices or hung over cubicle walls. Window shades should be even (either completely up or completely down) throughout one side of the floor. Items may not be placed on the window sills ... In addition, it is important to take a break from your workday and enjoy your lunch. Therefore, absent extenuating circumstances, lunch may not be eaten at your desk."

In other words, it's either "we've got a potential infestation problem" or "we're tired of smelling the hot food."

Mediabistro had a funny message thread about cubicle etiquette--someone eating lunch and watching a DVD got ripped by a boss. And here's a list of suggested office etiquette, but who actually does use "library voices" in cube or open office environments?