After almost a year of bloggers (photo and non) worrying and snickering, plus at least two protests, the MTA and NYPD have finally decided that a subway photo ban is unneccessary! Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne says, "We are not pressing for a ban. Our officers will continue to investigate, and intercede if necessary, if the activity - photo-related or not - is suspicious," he said. The Daily News had a nice summary of how the possibility of a photo ban got started:

- Some Iranian (read, "suspicious!") intelligence agents had been taking pictures in the subways, freaking out the NYPD.
- The Transit Authority floated the idea after an NYPD Transit Bureau request.
- The NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg wondered if the ban would work, and how would it work with those camera-happy tourists.
- Photographers and civil libertarians got involved, mobilizing the masses.

Yes, there is no photo ban, but we do have raised Metrocard fares. And the Daily News points out that cameraphones have been critical in subway justice. Now, let's see if transit cops really know that the ban is not happening.

Gothamist on the history of taking pictures in the subway. And join the NYC Subway group on Flickr.