Can it be? You Can't Make It Up tells us there will be free TiVos handed out at the Javits Center:

"TiVo will be mourning the VCR's demise; please come to pay your respects and receive a free TiVo. Arrive with a remembrance of your VCR – a tape – and you will receive a free Series-2 40 hour TiVo while supplies last.

Where: The Crystal Palace (front lobby) of the Javitz Center at 11th and 35th
When: Friday October 14th at noon
How: Bring in an old VCR tape and receive a new TiVo 40-hour Series2"

The current event at the Javits Center is Digital Life, "the only consumer technology event showcasing the latest in all things digital." Hmm, now if we can only find a VCR tape.

If you happen to at the Javits Center for said event - or decide to walk over in this lovely weather - let us know if this happened and how much stampeding there was.