While New York City is the city that never sleeps, Gothamist is slightly jealous that DCist gets all the sleepover fun tonight. With all the Senators needing to debate important stuff, the Capitol staff has had to move cots into Senators' offices. And we're jealous because it's so absurd and we'd love to make fun of it. If you want to do the all-nighter the right way, you have lots of Red Bull, coffee, and a cozy space under your cubicle desk. Perhaps your jacket is rolled up into a makeshift pillow. And then you take a shower at the local NY Sports Club or Crunch and buy a different shirt at H&M or the Gap and you're done with it, get some super concealer at Sephora, and repeat the cycle of caffeine. It's that easy. Hell, go to a late showing of Revenge of the Nerds, we mean, Sith, while you're at it.