The Oracle Has Spoken: the de Blasios announced today that after much debate, they will be moving into Gracie Mansion come January. Sorry Dante, now your chauffeured commute to school is going to take a bit longer.

The de Blasios announced their move from Park Slope to the far reaches of Yorkville in a statement on de Blasio's transition website this morning. "It’s a tough decision. Brooklyn is our home and Park Slope is our neighborhood," they said, adding they were making the move due to "logistical and security concerns," among other reasons (the NYPD has previously said security in Park Slope would not have been a problem for the de Blasios). "We’ll miss Brooklyn, but we are incredibly gratified to the people of New York for the opportunity to live in the Mayor’s residence."

And so, our new mayor moves from the boroughs to the Big Island, with an entire mansion at his disposal for champagne-swilling, caviar-eating and general post-revolutionary decadence. The de Blasios did add that they'll be maintaining their Park Slope residence, though with rents spiking all over Brooklyn, they'll probably be able to make a pretty bank leasing it out to some transplants.