With Hurricane Sandy weeks past—though distinctly still with us—stories about how things did or didn't happen in the storm's immediate aftermath are now really starting to come in. Like the time Mayor Bloomberg reportedly told State Senator Malcolm Smith "fuck you" when Smith asked for National Guard to be sent to the Rockaways. But don't worry guys! "This is what friends do in the heat of the moment," Smith explained to the Post regarding the cussing. "Friends have heated discussions."

According to the Post's sources, Bloomberg wasn't pleased when Smith asked for the Guard to come out, and told him "fuck you" Or something of the sort:

“We exchanged aggressive words about the use of the National Guard,” Smith said when asked about the spat.

“I saw the devastation. I saw the looting going on. People were all over the street. Things were out of control. Someone even tried to break into my car with me in it. The mayor felt the resources we had were fine,” Smith recalled.

“In the end, I was correct and the National Guard got involved.”

Bloomberg had initially said, “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

Bloomberg's spokespeople deny Hizzoner used the f-bomb, but didn't deny the disagreement. "They had a disagreement about the issue, but those words — that did not happen," a spokesman said. Right, sure.