The Census Bureau released a new batch of interesting information, this time about the population's commutes. And it turns out the city commutes are the second worst in the nation! New York City commutes are an average of 34.2 minutes, while the country's average is 25 minutes. And the Daily News had the "sorry statistics" for boroughs besides Manhattan (we guess that Manhattan didn't count or had a shorter commute?): "Queens, 41.7 minutes, Staten Island, 41.3, the Bronx, 40.8 and Brooklyn, 39.7." Eep, but what do you expect, when tons of cars and vans and trucks and constructions clog up the streets. While some might say that people should take more public transport, lots of areas aren't serviced by subways and some people need to commute. We just hope the carpooling becomes more popular. And we still wonder if congestion pricing will ever catch on for the city.

Here's a list of long commutes from the Census Bureau.