The city is cheering about the week without gunshoots in the Bronx that ended on Tuesday. For nine days, there were no shootings in the northernmost borough. Mayor Bloomberg said, "Ten years ago, in the same week, there were 30 [shootings]. Last year, there were five. This year, zero. It is an amazing number." Plus, there hasn't been a murder there since March 12. Police Commissioner Kelley says that clustering police in high crime areas has helped shootings fall 22% so far this year. This is amazing for two reasons: First, it's weird to think it's a big deal that there are no shootings in a borough. Second, thinking about the Bronx, it is interesting that there weren't any shootings. Gothamist hopes for a continued downward trend, but will admit that when we used to drive through the Bronx, we'd think Fort Apache Bronx.

Besides checking out some great Italian and Puerto Rican food in the Bronx, there's the New York Botanical Gardens and the Bronx Zoo. And there's also the Bronx Tourism Council.