2006_06_projectsky.jpg- Some Greenwich Village residents are worried that plans for 36-40 Gansevoort Street will mean sleepless nights. Fashion brand Theory (Angelina Jolie wears it!) is converting a five-story building into offices, complete with a rooftop garden, which conjured up Hotel Gansevoort nightmares for people living on Horatio Street. Theory has met with residents and Theory's president Andrew Rosen told the Times, "We're not a bar. We're a day business. Our only objective is to be a credible, positive influence in the community. We intend to be there for a long time, so our commitment to the neighborhood is significant." Or form a group of fashionistas who really want the Theory store in the neighborhood.

- Everyone deserves better design, at least that's what the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the AIA think. They have just announced a competition to find a great, potentially replicable, design with both housing and commercial space from a designer-developer team to be built on a city-owned site in the South Bronx. And then the 40,000 square foot site (plus 20,000 square feet in air rights over an adjacent railroad line) will be sold to the winning team for $1. The NY Times says that entries will be judged on "premium on design quality, affordability and factors like energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources."

You can download the RFP here; it's a two step process - first you need to send in qualifications, and then the city will select teams to submit proposals.

- The AP looks at how yet another neighborhood is at risk of disappearing, thanks to rising rents. The Flower District, that sliver above Chelsea, west of Koreatown, south of the Garment District, may have to move. While the Flower Market Association hasn't officially agreed on a move, it will probably be headed to Queens.