The nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court has struck a sour note with New Yorkers who are not David Brooks, especially New York politicians in search of female voters. Mayor Bloomberg received an endorsement from Naral Pro-Choice in New York. Bloomberg, who has consistently been pro-choice, in spite of his inconsistent political party sides, even made remarks saying that he'd only support Roberts if Roberts didn't overturn Roe v. Wade. Bloomberg's challengers have come out against Roberts as well, and they take the Mayor to task for not being aggressive enough in pro-choice efforts; City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, for instance, points out that Bloomberg vetoed a bill giving emergency contraception to rape victims. But, as others point out, it's not surprising Hizzoner is pro-choice, given his advice to female employees at Bloomberg.

Photograph of the rally against John Roberts by rion, who has some other great shots, including one of Manhattan Borough President Virginia Fields