2006_09_noparking.jpgIt's one thing to park on no-parking street and get your car towed. It's another thing to park in on a parking-allowed street and get your car towed because someone put up a "No Parking" sign that suddenly got NYPD traffic officers' and towers' attention. Car owners - and parkers - on a stretch of Front Street between Washington and Main Streets in Brooklyn were treated to an unhappy surprise when a mysterious new "No Parking" sign appeared. Only the Department of Transportation never put the sign up and says that parking is allowed there. David Bourgeois told the Daily News he paid $205 to get his Mini Cooper out of the pound and was issued a $60 parking ticket: "It's just outrageous. I'm definitely going to fight this." The DOT says they would help with getting the ticket dismissed, and the NYPD said they were "looking into waiving" the tow fee.

But no one knows who put the sign up. Our guess: Someone tired of cars clogging up the street. Or someone who never got a space there and wanted to exact revenge.