State Senator Pedro Espada was kind enough to give the Daily News a personal tour throughout his Bronx apartment, showing off framed family photos on the wall in order to demonstrated just how legitimate of a home it is for him. Only one problem with that story—a neighbor told the paper that Espada and his wife had just unloaded pictures and other bags into the pad over the course of several trips on the elevator the night before.

Whether Espada spends much time at the co-op in the Bedford Park neighborhood he represents or strictly lives in the Mamaroneck house he's had for years has been the source of much speculation and is currently under investigation by the Bronx DA's office. The senator claims that he isn't seen very much around the apartment because he spends most of his time working in Albany—when senators are able to get any work done, of course. He said, "The answer is unequivocally that I live in the Bronx. I didn't pay $250,000 here to have a sham address."

But a neighbor told the News, "I've never seen him in the building before. To my knowledge, this could be the first time he slept in the building." And even Espada didn't sound the most convincing when asked about his interactions with his neighbors, saying, "The other day, an African-American teen saw me downstairs and said, 'Mommy, mommy, look - he does live here.'"

There was also speculation yesterday as to what side of the aisle Espada stood in terms of the Senate takeover after he told a Spanish television station that he had a plan where both Dems and the GOP would each have their majority leader, as long as he remained president pro tem. But when called on it last night on NY1, Espada stood by the GOP majority saying, "I will not move away from it...We're going to get to a resolution without betraying the principles that got us here, the agreement that got us here and the historic vote of June 8."