Now that State Senator Hiram Monserrate has rejoined the Democratic caucus and thrown the Senate into a 31-31 tie, the state Supreme Court judge who was going to hear Democrats' and Republicans' arguments over who should rule the Senate this morning instead said both sides need to resolve it themselves. Justice Thomas McNamara said, "As a matter of public policy, you guys should work this out so I'm directing you to go across the street and do that and report back to me at one o'clock. There are 64 (sic) members over there, who are, in my opinion, hopefully, capable of getting together and working through what I have every understanding and appreciation are very serious and difficult matters, but which can be resolved and can be worked through in a way to be beneficial to the citizens of this state."

Still, it's hilarious to think about Pedro Espada Jr.'s comments over the past 24 hours, before and after Monserrate's change of heart. Witness, in NY Times story in today's edition, Espada continuing to speak in the third person about how Monserrate wasn't going anywhere: "Monserrate stays with Espada, and Espada stays put, too. We need to get back to business." And now a recent Daily News article, where Espada goes to the first-person: "We go with the cards that are dealt, and it's not a bad hand I still have.

While the Senate's fate twists and turns in the wind, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (pictured) is threatening to pull the Assembly out of Albany if things continue as such. He told the Post, "At this point, there doesn't seem to be any reason to stay. If there's anything to come back for, obviously our members are on call all year around, but at this point, there doesn't seem to be... We have no direction right now, we have no idea what's happening. If the Senate gets straightened out, then that's fine."