2006_02_26_bloombergdigs.jpg Some parents down in Tribeca are getting pissed with Mister Bloomberg.

Back in 2004 the Mayor and the city via Deputy Doctoroff brokered out a deal with the community and a group of private developers. The community ceded public land to the developers, who are putting up two high-rise developments on the site bounded by Greenwich, West, Warren, Murray and Chambers Streets, in exchange for a community recreation center and a much needed school annex (the closest school, the excellent P.S. 234, is at 120 percent capacity).

But now Bloomberg is saying that the schools are dependent on the State education funds that the city has been fighting for. Claiming that the "Downtown schools have far less of the preliminary work done on them and can't go forward without the money" from the state, the city is betting that the pissed off, and wealthy, parents living downtown will make noise that they'll have to hear upstate.

"We cannot afford to continue covering for the State," Bloomberg said, on his weekly radio address according to the Downtown Express. "what will it take for our leaders in Albany to live up to their responsibility?"

Photograph by Talisman Brolin for the Downtown Express.