The NYPD and FBI have arrested many members of the most powerful Chinese gang in the city. The feds and police raided the members in Elmhurst and Bayside, Queens, Sunset Park in Brooklyn and in Chinatown in Manhattan. However, being in a gang member that would intimidate restaurants, gambling parlors, and people in their homes didn't mean that the high life was being lived: Many members were found in a flophouse. Other offenses they were charged with include murder, racketeering, alien smuggling, extortion, extortionate debt collection, money laundering, and trafficking in counterfeit goods.

What's most interesting about the group is that they decided not to give their gang a name in order to "and fly under the radar." Gothamist wonders how a member would know what gang he is in. Other Chinese gang names have been things like Ghost Shadows, Flying Dragons and White Tigers, which sound like upcoming Chinese magical realism martial arts films.