A sad day for tennis-loving lawmakers: the United States Tennis Association has been ordered to disinvite New York State Senators and Assembly members who were invited to watch this year's tennis in the USTA’s ritzy President’s Suite, which "boasts an open bar and great views of the action." State Senator Tony Avella, a Queens Democrat who previously tried to stop the United States from participating in the Olympics, is now tossing a wet blanket onto Arthur Ashe stadium.

“It’s inappropriate," Avella tells the Post. "It’s one thing to invite elected officials to maybe an opening ceremony, but it’s another thing to invite an elected official to sit in the President’s Box. That’s something that would cost hundreds of dollars for the average person, easy. The elected officials should know enough to realize this is inappropriate." Hmm, sounds like somebody never received their engraved invitation to this year's Women's Doubles Final!

In its exclusive report, the Post also speculates that thanks to Avella, city lawmakers may soon find themselves iced out of the luxury VIP President's Suite as well. On the plus side, they'll be closer to all the exciting fight action in the stands.