Commuters who ride the Staten Island Railway will no longer be able to beat the fare by skirting the St. George ferry terminal station — which for more than a decade has been the only stop where fares were collected. Ever since the Metropolitan Transportation Authority eliminated fare collectors on Staten Island trains as a cost-cutting measure, commuters have been getting off the train at the Tompkinsville stop and hoofing it six blocks to the ferry terminal, or walking the six blocks from the terminal to the Tompkinsville station before boarding the train, the Advance reports. But as of Wednesday, the MTA's $6.9 million renovation of the Tompkinsville station will be complete, and straphangers will have to pay. The agency expects to net an additional $702,000 each year in added revenue — so long as commuters don't start schlepping an addition 3/4 of a mile down the line to the Stapleton stop.