Sure, the State Department cleared the NY Philharmonic to go to Cuba next month, but the donors who helped fund that trip weren't allowed, so it's all off! The Philharmonic said, "We have been told by officials at the Treasury Department that the current regulations governing travel to Cuba does not provide for this particular category of people"—rich patrons of the arts—"Without (their) support, this trip is not financially possible."

According to Arts Beat, 150 individuals had helped underwrite the trip at $10,000 a pop. Philharmonic president Zarin Mehta pointed out, "The patrons were excited about giving us the money with the opportunity of going to see Havana and be a witness and support their orchestra... I wouldn’t want to insult them. I think it’s most likely they would say, 'Go another time.'" The Philharmonic hopes that noisy lawmakers like Senator Schumer and Reps. Israel and Rangel will help them convince the Treasury Department to let the patrons go.

Last year, the Philharmonic made a historic trip to North Korea.