greenchurch1208.jpgEarlier this year, 211 dead bodies were removed from the grounds of the Bay Ridge United Methodist Church (aka the "Green Church") in order to make room for demolition of the site, which at the time was to become new luxury (unhaunted) condos. Now the Brooklyn Paper has it that the city is looking to buy the land for a new school. "The School Construction Authority is planning to purchase the former site of the emerald-hued Church to construct a kindergarten- through eighth-grade school that could seat between 600 and 700 students, according to Dena Libner, a spokeswoman for Councilman Vince Gentile (D–Bay Ridge)." Developer Abe Betesh had purchased the land for $9.75 million and made way for a 72-unit apartment building on the site, "but the city rejected his construction permit — and Betesh put up his 'For Sale' sign." The general consensus is to bring in something that would benefit the community, but when the project begins with digging up dead bodies can this really end well?