You'll only be getting babes, not booze, when you go to Scores West: The State Liquor Authority has taken away the strip club's liquor license after police found prostitution at the Chelsea joint (the Upper East Side location is not affected). An SLA administrative judge wrote that prostitution was "open and notorious such that the licensee knew or should have known of its occurrence."

Back in 2007, a manager told police they could receive sexual favors in a back room for $200-700 (after renting the back room, of course). Apparently the cops were offered oral sex for $300 and "more exotic acts" for $700+. The police were tipped off to the dealings after a disgruntled customer complained.

Scores West said, "We will be open as usual pending our appeal. Once the facts are brought before the court, we will be fully vindicated." But one customer told the Daily News questioned whether there would still be business, "You come here to have fun. Cranberry juice just won't cut it."