Yesterday officials told the family of missing prostitute Shannan Gilbert it might take them between two weeks to three months to determine if she was the fifth body they had found near Gilgo State Beach. Erm, make that 24 hours. "The investigation into Shannan Gilbert's disappearance will continue," police said in a statement today, because the body they found Tuesday evening ain't her.

Police found the first four bodies on the beach while searching for Gilbert, who went missing last May.

It is unclear exactly how the police were able to so quickly determine who the body wasn't, but relatives of Gilbert are guessing it was the jaw (Gilbert had previously injured hers). "I am just scared that it's going to turn into a cold case, and we're never going to find her," Gilbert's sister told Newsday [reg req'd].

Meanwhile police are working under the assumption that the fifth body is related to the four bodies found last December and are continuing their hunt for what looks increasingly like a Long Island serial killer.