2007_03_giuliani.jpgA new wrinkle to the Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign that doesn't involve the words "anti-" (like anti-gun, anti-abortion, and anti-straight-only marriage) or "marrying his cousin." Yesterday, the NY Times revealed that Andrew Giuliani had been estranged from Rudy Giuliani, because of problems with his dad's new wife.

The 21-year-old Duke student told the Times, "There’s obviously a little problem that exists between me and his wife. And we’re trying to figure that out. But as of right now it’s not working as well as we would like.” Clearly, this is catnip to traditional conservative candidates who have been focusing on Giuliani's personal history as a thriced-married New Yawker.

What's more, Giuliani hasn't been very close with daughter Caroline either: Apparently, Rudy only found out that she got into Harvard by reading it in the News! The Post says that problems started after Giuliani's marriage to Nathan, including "tension between Andrew and Nathan at the wedding." Plus, the kids weren't able to get time alone with their dad. Well, he's so busy making mad money on the public speaking circuit! Or making out with their stepmother for Harper's Bazaar.

Another point of the Times article is Andrew says that he's not participating in his father's campaign because he's concentrating on his career as a golfer. Andrew Giuliani did tell Good Morning America today, "No matter what he's done, I love my father... It's not as good as it once was - but it's better than when it was its lowest, and it's getting better all the time... This is something families around the country go through every day. My friends go through this. But this is front-page news because of who we are."

Andrew plays golf at Duke University, but we will remember him forever as that scamp from his dad's 1994 inauguration. Which means we also think of Chris Farley and Kevin Nealon. As for the comparisons to Reagan, it seems Ronald Reagan's kids caused more fuss once he was President.