2006_07_cobblestone.jpgAre new parents a little too worried about their $800 Bugaboos? Some Tribeca residents are petitioning to have cobblestone streets paved over to make them more pedestrian friendly. The Post reports that people who live at 44 Laight Street wanted to "rip up the [cobblestones] directly in front of the building and create a level sidewalk," while leaving others in tact. The community board rejected the proposal - and apparently didn't treat the idea with respect. The best quote is from the Landmark's Committee's Roger Byrom who said, "If you don't like cobblestones in TriBeCa, live on the Upper West Side." SNAP! And it's true - Tribeca was always gentrified grit. Just because cobblestones are notoriously expensive to take care of and one false turn can leave you with a sprained ankle, it's not their fault! But walking up Lafayette Street at Great Jones Street is murder! We wonder, though, if asphalt will be used to fix the street, the way is has been usedon Bond Street.

Photograph of cobblestones in the Meatpacking District - maybe the next place to get "pave over cobblestones" requests - from Matthew Krautheim on Flickr