Ten days ago there was a big to-do when graphic designer Thomas Porostocky noticed that artwork accompanying the launch of the Bloomberg-for-President astroturf group No Labels featured his work without permission. Soon after we reported the jacking, No Labels yanked their designs, which were basically identical to Porostocky's art, and Dave Warren of Fly Communications, whom No Labels had hired to design their logos, went from truculent to deeply apologetic in about three hours. Now, however, Porostocky's designs are back on the No Labels merch! Wha' happened?

In a press release sent out this morning from the No Labels' publicists, we're told that "with the help of the No Labels organization," Warren and Porostocky "have buried the hatchet and done something remarkable, they have agreed to work together to make the animals accessible to everyone who wants them. Fly Communications took responsibility for their actions. Once Mr. Warren found out the truth about the origin of the images, he reached out to the original artist and is happy to be now working with Mr. Porostocky."

The flacks say proceeds from the merchandise will go to benefit the No Labels "campaign to reduce hyper-partisanship in America." We've contacted Porostocky to find out if how much, if any, will go to benefit him, but we're assuming No Labels threw a well-deserved wad of cash at him and he's sworn to secrecy.