The Knicks lost out on one aged future Hall Of Famer yesterday, but were able to snag another one today: according to ESPN, Jason Kidd has agreed to a multiyear deal to join the Knicks, and likely end his career in NYC. The Dallas Mavericks were close to a three-year, $9 million contract with the guard, but it seems Kidd ultimately decided to take a similar deal here. "Was also told this morning that Kidd 'so much wanted to get to New York.' Guess that impulse won," Howard Beck tweeted. But now here's the big question: what does this mean for Jeremy Lin and the Knicks?

The former Mr. Joumana Kidd, who led the Nets to two consecutive NBA Finals appearances in the early '00s, is 39, and well past his prime. Last season, he only averaged 28 minutes per game and just over 6 PPG. Ideally, the Knicks want to pair Kidd as a backup with Lin; one source told ESPN that Kidd's discussion with the Knicks included the idea of mentoring Lin.

So it's very much still in the team's best interest—and within their financial capabilities—to match the Houston Rocket's exorbitant $30 million Lin offer. Daily News writer Frank Isola gave his outlook on the Knicks next offseason move: "Knicks add Jason Kidd and will either match Jeremy Lin or sign Raymond Felton," he tweeted.