A NYC television editor is suing Crunch for over a $1 million because his trainer pushed him too far. The Post and Daily News report that Widland told his trainer, "C.J.," that he (1) had recently given up smoking, (2) ate a lot, (3) drank alcohol on a regular basis, and (4) had not worked out in many years. During one workout, Widland claims that there was no warmup, no time to get water, and that his trainer would not stop even though he told him he had a headache. A few days after the workout of running, weightlifting and knee bends, Widland found his urine "unusually dark" was diagnosed with "exertional rhabdomyolysis" - an extreme form of dehydration that can cause kidney damage. No comment from Crunch yet.

Gothamist understands the desire to get some extra motivation to jumpstart those New Year's resolutions, and many personal trainers are great and just what you need. Widland's case aside, what we can't abide are people who get trainers and then spend the time complaining to them. It's important, even though you may feel intimidated, to establish what you want to do and to feel comfortable enough saying "Enough" - but also realizing that the trainer is there to push you. Sure, at the end of the day, you're paying for the session and your gym membership, but you should feel like you've put the effort into it.