A Cobble Hill mother and former PTA Treasurer who is accused of embezzling $82,000 from the organization will avoid jail time if she pays back the money, plus interest. Providence Hogan, who owns Providence Day Spa, allegedly used the money for fertility treatments, rent, and to "keep her family living in the lifestyle they were accustomed to." Her appearance in court today was accompanied by concerned parents from PS 29, including the PTA's co-treasurer, who told the Daily News that they "had serious budget cuts this year and the money is sorely needed." Forget the budget: PS 29 also had its playground incinerated and the Pledge of Allegiance nixed. If David Simon's looking for a (watchable) follow-up to The Wire he should look no farther than Cobble Hill.

Hogan's attorney said in the hearing that his client stole the money because, "She had psychological and emotional problems," including her husband being fired and her spa struggling financially. "This is an aberration, it's not what her lifestyle is all about." The judge in the case asked both parties to determine a restitution plan, which may include Hogan pleading guilty in August and making a $40K payment. The parents seemed pleased with the outcome, with one empathizing with Hogan, whose daughter is still a student at PS 29: "I think she's entitled to some mercy." If that means a low-interest loan from the PTA, so be it.