There will be no jail time for the Harvard Law School grad who "doesn't remember" drunkenly setting fire to the chapel that houses remains of unidentified victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Overriding objections from prosecutors who wanted at least a one year sentence, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Rena Uviller offered Brian Schroeder a plea deal yesterday. If he stays out of trouble for one year and pays $25,000 in restitution, he'll be off the hook. "I don't see any point in ruining another life—that is, Mr. Schroeder's," said Judge Uviller yesterday.

For two hours on Halloween last year, Schroeder built a bonfire in the Manhattan chapel out of photos and mementos of people killed in the WTC attacks. Charles Wolf, whose wife, Katherine, died in the towers, tells the Daily News, "My first reaction was 'put the asshole in jail.'... It's a terrible thing that he did, [but] he was drunk. That doesn't forgive it, but I don't think you should ruin someone's life." Defense lawyer Alan Lewis insists his client is "profoundly sorry" and speculates that someone slipped something in one of Schroeder's drinks.