Ah, remember the Chase bank "fraud broad," who was busted back in July for siphoning over $100K from a millionaire's private account, then blowing it on shopping, partying, and rent? We kind of did forget, then the photo brought us right back. Yesterday, 26-year-old Robin Katz pleaded guilty to grand larceny committed during her time as a financial adviser at JPMorgan Chase. So will they throw the book at the buxom embezzler?

Please. What sort of cold-hearted judge could send such an alluring young lady to prison, in the full blossom of her youth? She's expected to be sentenced to five years' probation, with an order to repay the money. Katz's lawyer tells the AP her client is "looking forward to putting this behind her."

Investigators say Katz created an ATM card and dipped into the customer's account to support her hard-partying lifestyle for a full year. Her MySpace profile famously declared "rocket scientist by day, party fool by night," and listed her interests thus: "Politics: F-- Bush. Sex: F-- Me."